I should be in California but Im in my office drinking a Satsuma Sangria instead. Bummer. So instead of frolicking around the Palm trees in DTLA I’ve decided to take photos of fruit and gift you with this super simple sangria. If this isn’t a “true” sangria do not come for my throat. lol

Three years ago i purchased my first home and id be lying if i said the giant bright orange satsuma tree wasn’t the selling point. I loved looking out of my bedroom balcony and seeing the bright colors. Fast forward three years and now we have so many satsumas we do not know what to do with. So if you need some do not hesitate to pull up and pick as many as you would like. They are quite perfect for a sangria.

 Everyone knows I LOVE wine. I can be a total wine snob and I’m sure the people around me are sick of it lol. While shopping for sangria ingredients I wanted to pick up a cheap bottle of Chardonnay. I’ve often heard sangrias are best made with cheap wine. Idk how true this is but i went for it. I grabbed the cheapest bottle i could find of WoodBridge. They actually had another bottle for $2.00 but something about that just didn’t sit right with me. So we opted for the $6.00 bottle.

I went home and picked the largest satsumas off the tree and started my sangriaaaaaa.

The recipe:

3 Satsumas , peeled 

1 lime, cut into chunks

4 Basil leaves, chopped 

1 bottle of Chardonnay ( be as snobby as you want)

12c oz ginger ale 

In your pitcher, smash the satsumas, lime and basil together, add your chardonnay and ginger ale. Add some ice and enjoy!

This honestly turned out so much better than I was expecting. Such a perfect drink for the holidays. Share with your fellow Sangria loving friends and family!

Leave a comment if I should try another Sangria or if you have a favorite!





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  1. Ben says:

    Those satsumas look so good! I bet they’re tasty! The sangria also looks a amazing!