I snapped a few photos of my office space today.

This space also doubles as my in home boudoir studio. If you want to check out my boudoir work you can join our, private females only, group on facebook.  This group is a safe place for females to share their images and feel empowered by the women in the community.

I spend almost every night in this space so making it a place I enjoyed was a must. Tbh I prefer it over my bedroom. Enjoy these photos and my random self portraits. The light was nice. lol


A Look Inside

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  1. Lacie says:

    Love everything about this!! The ferns, the roses, the hat!! 💖

  2. Lexie Robert says:

    Loved the whole vibe of this room 🖤 thanks for making everything so comfortable.

  3. Kaci Melancon says:

    Love the room set up! So much natural light and a great relaxing vibe! 🥰 Also, Felicia makes the session so fun!

  4. Boog says:

    Love the photos on the wall, Fellachia!

  5. Mariah McIntyre says:

    Felicia is absolutely amazing. She made me feel comfortable the entire shoot and we had fun!
    Plus the pictures are gorgeous!

  6. Rae LeJeune says:

    I love this! Such a special soul you are – I can’t wait to be back in that space behind your camera!

  7. Erica Billiot says:

    Absolutely Amazing! I felt so comfortable and Beautiful being in your studio, it’s definitely a peaceful place to be 🥰