In May I took a birthday trip to Topanga, Ca for a weekend get away. I explored and took lots of pretty photos. The hills were daunting and exhilarating.

The Bungalow One was charming. The natural light spilled in and made my heart warm. Waking up to the sunshine, cuddled in a thick comforter, brought a smile to my face in the morning. I took long hot bubble baths and enjoyed the quiet time. I have yet to stay in a more beautiful place. The outside area was just as fun and exciting.

I honestly spent most of weekend eating lol I stopped for Donut Friend ( a must for all my emo loving friends). The Yellow Carrot is my fav! Cooked a cute dinner and poured a glass of wine. I grabbed Silver Lake Ramen and ate on the beach. Eating on the beach has become a trend while in California.

The weekends are quick but the memories made are unforgettable.

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The Bungalow One- Topanga,Ca

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