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And when I’m not capturing life’s best moments, the fleeting flashes of raw emotion, and creating tear-jerking keepsakes? I’m packing my bags to explore the states. Nothing beats the sky views from an airplane. 
Whether you’re right here in Louisiana or in the far corners of the US (and beyond!), you can count on me to travel far and wide armed with a camera – although I can’t promise to refrain from ugly-crying at your nuptials at least once. A sunset-chaser, memory-maker, and voyager, I’m always down to explore this beautiful thing we call Earth, capturing your best bits as I go.
I love love. Yes, it’s an old cliché, and I can almost feel your eyes rolling. But it’s true! I love getting to know you, your quirks, and what makes you… well, you. There is no right or wrong way to do this ‘love’ malarkey. It’s all-encompassing. And I love to capture that!
But I see my role as more than a photographer on hand to capture striking photos. I am on your team, there to settle your nerves, give you a pep-talk, and hey, I’ve been known to steal a dance or two. 

"love is meant to be an adventure"

Hey! I’m Felicia, a wedding and portrait photographer
First of all, congratulations! You’re probably here because life just got that little bit more exciting. Your big day, a brand new bundle of joy, or maybe you just want to show the world what's new in your life. 
So, a little bit about me… born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I believe in using the power of perfectly-angled shots to tell stories. That look of love. The blink-and-its-gone moments captured forever.
From the moment your partner’s gaze meets yours at the aisle, to those laugh-until-you-cry moments that will be regaled for years to come, to Uncle John taking the dance floor by storm, I love capturing memories to last a lifetime. Starting my photography journey in 2015, these moments are what transformed my passion into my dream business.

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